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Scuba Fest It has the best two diving routes on the beautiful island of Cozumel for you. Choose the one you like and follow your interests .

jean-michel cousteau

$600.00 USD
(By person)

As a tribute to all the Cousteau family, founded in 2013 Scuba Fest Route of Jean - Michel Cousteau , Route consists of 9 dives in the most beautiful reefs of Cozumel , Route reef Scuba Fest includes " French Point " in Simone Cousteau honor of the first nozzle wife and mother of Jean - Michel .

Advanced Diving

$560.00 USD
(por persona)

If you end JM Cousteau Road or if you prefer a more advanced diving , then you can continue with something more bold, we invite you to dive the reefs for experienced divers and know the caves accessible to advanced diving in Cozumel!