Promo Guide – Cozumel, a Paradise in the Mayan Caribbean.

Long Film about Cozumel Natural richness and diving.

Director: Karlos Simon

Producer: Gilda Sigie

Executive Producer: Pedro Joaquin Delbouis

Editor: Ernesto Garcia

Screenwriter : Teresa Migoya

Time: 43 min.

Year of Production: 2015

Spanish with English, German and Italian subtitles.

HD Format


Karlos Simon:

He is a diver, filmmaker, photographer who loves adventure and the submarine world. He has certificate more than 3,000 students for diving and side mount or technical diver instructor. He loves sharks and has spend many hours studying them.

Gilda Sigie:

Creative and producer of unique events such as the Cozumel Scuba Fest in the Island of Cozumel, Sustainable Tourism EXPO in Riviera Maya, México. Passionate about Mexico an all it has to offer, enthusiastic and energetic when promoting the natural wonders of her country, loves all about sustainability and spreading the word about preserving natural heritages.

Pedro Joaquin Delbouis:

Passionate about history, Businessman, enthusiastic leader and promoter of the beautiful Cozumel Island, Pedro has being President of several business chambers associations in Cozumel, he works hard to improve tourism in Cozumel and to make it a better place to live.

Ernesto Garcia:

Extraordinary editor, a very sensible person who works in creative projects in Spain, he loves nature and history, he loves México and Spain.

Teresa Migoya

Screenwriter, a lovely woman who loves diving , biologist and passionate about jungle and marine life.


The documentary “Cozumel a Paradise in the Mayan Caribbean” is a film about the natural richness and cultural wonders of Cozumel Island, a Mexican island, located in the Mayan Caribbean, who is still unknown for several divers and international tourism. One of the bests places to dive in the world with reefs, marine life, Mayan culture and Caribbean soul.


International: Private events

  • November the 6th at the BFI Cinema: London, England.

  • November the 9th at the Mexican Embassy: Berlin, Germany:

  • November the 10th at the Cultural Institute of Mexico in Madrid, Spain.

  • March 2016, Valencia Spain.

  • June the 2nd in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

National: private events

  • December the 13th at Cinepolis Cinemas.

  • April 2016, Tianguis Turístico Guadalajara.

  • May in CEART Tijuana and Rosarito Art Festival

  • August: Congreso Nacional Turismo de Reuniones, Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo.

Nominations and Awards:

  • San Sebastian Underwater Festival, CIMASUB, Spain.

  • CayFilm Festival. Cayman Islands.

  • United Latino Festival, Ohio USA.

  • Salento International Film Festival, Italy

  • Kuala Lumpur ECO Film Festival, Malaysia

  • Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards, France.